These past weeks have been incredible, and a bit of a blur. As you know, I do a lot of work with people and families around addiction issues with coaching, intervention, and helping families find the right treatment center. I have found myself very frustrated over the last couple of years because resources in my city are few and far between. There are a million social service agencies for homeless, poor, indigent, but there isn’t much for the rest of the population.

When my clients would be returning home after treatment there was always this sort of panic about where they will live and what are the options for sober living environments in Kansas City. Unfortunately, the answer was not good and the options weren’t either.

Last year I decided I wanted to start creating some resources in my city. I want my families and clients to have options. To have somewhere to be safe, to live comfortably, to have fun, and to connect with other people struggling with the same issues. I spent much of last year working on this plan and putting together the idea, business partner, location, and structure. And I am very happy to say, my sober living house in Kansas City is opening soon!

There is nothing like this in my city, nothing like what I am putting together and I am so thrilled it is coming to fruition. I have had many 16 hour days these last few weeks and Henry has been my faithful companion through every step, and this week is when I get to really start seeing the vision. My furniture is in, my appliances get delivered today, dishes and kitchen stuff come tomorrow, artwork is going on the walls, plants are getting replanted… and it is really happening!!

I will continue to share the journey as it unfolds and to share my excitement as this house becomes better than I ever imagined. I never would have thought I would be in this amazing place as a professional and as a person. A crazy, raging alcoholic bartender, to this incredible life that I have created full of wonderful friends, sobriety, and strength. I am so grateful for my journey, and I am so grateful for all of you who take the time to read my work and comment and support me. It means so much, and some days, when things are slow, that support is my motivation. So, thank you.