What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is an educated professional who helps you achieve personal goals and create lasting change in your life. You get guidance, encouragement, and gain a new understanding of things to create instant results.

Savvy people recognize the value  and excitement of working with your own personal Coach. Working with a Life Coach is a surefire way to kickstart your plan. A practical approach to overcome obstacles (even when the obstacle is you), using proven methods that are focused on solutions (not problems!) and you can absolutely see immediate results! Your Coach, your plan, your life.

  • Prioritize Life
  • Create A Plan
  • Encourage Change
  • Inspire Self Reflection
  • Build Confidence, Self Worth, and Self-Esteem
  • Practice Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Increase Happiness

I practice ALL of the techniques I bring to you and I am happy to share every piece of my journey with you! It is nearly effortless and guaranteed to transform!

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Angela Pugh Life Coach Services

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Communication & Relationships

Angela Pugh Life Coach Services
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Communication can feel like a struggle and when you don’t do it well, it can be intense. Great communication skills are not something we are born with, they are something to be learned. 

As a single person, I always noticed these intrinsic differences in men and women and how we talk to one another and approach one another. I have studied people and human behavior my whole life and it was abundantly clear to me that men and women often miss the mark when trying to communicate.

It led me to wonder, how in the world we are supposed to be compatible and live happily-ever-after without extraordinary discomfort and hidden resentment, anger, and sadness?

I was inspired to find the answers. I was astonished and thrilled to find out many of the issues that are a struggle are actually really easy to fix! It takes patience and understanding but you will be amazed at the difference some simple techniques can make in your relationship!

I have some GREAT tools with immediate results.

AND check out these sensational workshops where we target topics with a step-by-step guide to unbelievable relief and happiness for your relationship!


Addiction & Intervention

Addiction is a huge piece of my personal story and it is, ultimately, what forced me to this path of  self-correction and exploration. I was painfully immature, selfish, irresponsible, and massively unhappy.  I was also confused and had no idea of what to do or how to change, and I nearly died because of it.

I work with families to figure it all out, I can help you find the right treatment center, we can do an intervention, and we can create our own program to provide the care you and/or your loved one needs. There are so many options and solutions, please allow me to help.

The addiction world has gotten very big and confusing. Call me, I can help.