Everyone who knows me knows I have an unconditional love for Oprah. In my twenties, when I was a hot mess, I’m pretty sure she saved my life by showing up everyday in my living room talking about the art of being human. Oprah made me want to be a better person even when I didn’t think it was possible and I sure didn’t know how. Her strength, capacity to love and give, and her perseverance are second only to my mom.

So one day last week a friend sent me a text telling me Oprah is talking about running for president. I have to be honest, I have been saying this is a necessity for years. I thought for sure it was a joke. After all, we just got a new president. (Am I supposed to capitalize the word president? … oh well)   But I wonder what that world would look like.

Imagine someone at the podium who actually believes everyone’s opinion is important. A person who truly is self-made, self-taught, and a real visionary. A woman, who, when she speaks we  ALL listen because she is right and true and not trying to manipulate us around every turn. Please understand this is not about politics. It isn’t about what you believe or which ‘side’ you think is right. This is about a person who has spent decades teaching us to stop beating each down, listen to one another, VALUE each other, and honor one another as human beings, parents, siblings, spouses, bosses, and everything else that we are.

Oprah is the true essence of unity beyond personal opinion. So many people expend all of their energy trying to force their thoughts and opinions on everyone else. In this battle to try to force people to get on their ‘side’, insulting each other, calling names, unfriending, and acting foolish all in the name of an opinion.  Opinions are not facts, my friends. They are simply our thoughts that are shaped by our personal experiences. There is nothing more subjective than an opinion but we sure love to beat each other to death with our opinions as though they are factual information.

Oprah has sat on stage with hundreds of people who she didn’t agree with. Not one time did you see her lose her temper or scream and yell or try to force someone to her ‘side’. She is calm and collected, she disagrees with respect and kindness because she understands that we don’t all have to agree on everything. And if your opinion is that blue is superior to green, and I disagree, it doesn’t make me less of a person or less deserving of respect and love.

The beauty of our nation is the freedom we are offered. Freedom of choice, thought, speech, and opinions. So why are we so consumed with condemning each other for thinking differently?

We have a lot we could learn from Oprah, and there are a few things she could still learn from my mom 🙂