How is a life coach different from a counselor?

Life Coaching is not counseling. Counseling can have a focus on issues that are based in your past or mental health related where coaching is an approach to moving forward creating the life we want instead of where we came from. In my practice, because of my personal history with addiction, I also do work with people to understand and overcome those struggles. Overall,  this is a proactive, positive path to the future where we will explore ourselves as individuals, begin to recognize patterns that hold us back, and build a plan to move ahead.

How much does coaching normally cost?

Every Coach is different in their fee and payment structure and there are several factors that affect the cost of a session. Are we meeting in my office or am I coming to meet you somewhere else? Are we meeting for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes? Are we doing a couples or family session or individual? Are you committing to a package of sessions (1mo, 3mo, 6mo) or paying for each session individually? Fees can range from $50 to $150 per session depending on the circumstances and situation.

Can I hire a life coach short term?

Absolutely! Many of my clients see me as they work to achieve a specific goal. I have people who are planning  ahead for a promotion, or working on goals approaching a wedding, or sometimes my clients hire me on an as-needed basis. Clients with a very specific goal in mind will usually hire me for a package of 1-3 months to set up a structured and purposeful plan to achieve what they want. Other clients who are working through day-to-day issues will typically start with a session every week for the first few weeks then move to every other week to stay on top of the things we are focused on and keep our strategy fresh.

Do already successful people hire a life coach?

Without a doubt! Most successful CEOs and high level executives are known to work with a Coach to keep their objectives clear and to keep their productivity high. Having a partner to map out your moves is a great idea regardless of what you are working on!

Are there different types of coaching?

Yes. Many people specialize in specific areas like business or entrepreneurship. Others, who focus more on personal lives rather than business life may specialize in weight loss, divorce, or job search. There are health and wellness coaches, fitness coaches, and many more.

For me, I coach people based on the extensive work I have done in my own life. My true passion and specialty is communication so I do a lot of work with couples and individuals who want to improve their relationships as well as working with companies and organizations to improve communication in the work place and raise employee morale and productivity.

Further, I am a recovering alcoholic so it is a natural fit for me to do Recovery Coaching and help people navigate the ins and outs of getting sober, changing our lives, and staying sober.

I work with clients planning their career advancement goals, personal budgeting, rebuilding lives after divorce or dealing with empty nest, and helping parents and their kids communicate better with one another.

Do coaches have their own coach?

For sure! I work with my own Coach and have a whole team of people that support me as I move through my personal and business life. When I was forced to examine my life and my habits it was a coach who helped me make sense of it all and helped me stay on track on a daily basis to create the life I wanted. I will always work with a coach to keep my life on track, to remember my goals, and to stay focused on growing into the person I want to be.