As a coach, this is something I hear frequently:
I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I got my degree, I got a great job, I got married, and yet I feel empty and unhappy inside. I thought this is what I wanted. WTF?

This question comes from an actual client, and is not uncommon. The first thing I think is, did you do all of those things because you were supposed to, or because you wanted to?

A common place many of us get stuck is lack of stimulation. We spend years on this sort of predetermined path of school, college, job search, establishing our path, gaining our partner, having kids, moving up the ladder, buying houses… and when we get to a place of achievement we can feel lost and unstimulated.

The good news is, you have done a lot of hard work, and you have achieved so much! All of these things deserve celebration! And now, it is time to find out who you are outside of those achievements. Explore yourself! What do you like to do? What things did you enjoy before you started to map out your life path? Are there things you wanted to do as a younger person that got pushed to the back burner while you were mapping out your life? WHO ARE YOU???

It is easy and fun to start to figure out the puzzle of ourselves. After all, no one knows us better than we do. Consider your partner and the things they like also. There are a ton of websites with activities around the city, fun things to do, places to go, exhibits to see. Or think outside the box and consider trying something totally new and out of your comfort zone! So, think about what you like to do and where you like to go, and if you want some help and suggestions email [email protected] and I am happy to help you sort it out!