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There are different levels of sober living and different structures. Each organization has their own set of guidelines and rules and different requirements for membership.

At Kansas City Recovery we have a different approach. We have rules of conduct and recovery participation. We have strict guidelines for continued sobriety, service work, and work/school requirements. We function as a family and we approach recovery as a process we engage in together. Our foundation is based on fellowship, one addict to another, choosing recovery everyday.

As we created our Sober Living environment, we tried to think about common struggles in early recovery and to address each of those things from the beginning. We know that sleep is a common issue in new sobriety and lack of sleep can be frustrating and make it difficult to make good choices in the rest of our day.

Sober Living Kansas City

As we were shopping for furniture, we made the decision that we want to provide the best possible opportunity for our residents to rest well , and to enjoy their personal relaxation space. We know that sleep can be challenging, and we want to help as much as possible.

To do our part, we decided to provide top-of-the-line memory foam mattresses for all our residents. Whether you are in a single room or double, each of our clients enjoys a mattress made specifically to provide the best possible sleep. We hope they will love the luxurious feel of memory foam for sleep and for hanging out. We want our residents to not only sleep well, but to have an incredible space to relax.

Halfway House Sober House

Our home is based on unity and fellowship. We believe the best foundation for continued sobriety is to have a recovery family, making the choice to stay sober each day, and making sobriety fun. After all, if sobriety isn’t fun, we will not continue to choose it.

We provide a home that functions as a unit. We stay sober together, we learn to recover together, we do service/volunteer work together, and engage in recovery and leisure activities together.

KC Sober Fun



Our home is based on a peer system, holding each other accountable and helping each other choose recovery on a daily basis. We have movie nights, we have family-style dinners where we cook and dine together, and we have a private recovery meeting each week in our household. This allows our residents to talk about recovery in a more open environment and invite their sponsors and recovery friends into our home.

KCR Sober Fun

Family dinner is a very important component of our home. Breaking bread together is a great experience and time to share. Preparing a meal together and sitting, everyone relaxed and happy, sharing food and sharing time. In honor of the importance of this experience and the bonding it creates, we worked with a local artisan to design and build a custom-made farm table for our dining room.

This table symbolizes how important it is for us to share this time and connect, to share our experiences, and share our home.

We wanted a table that is as outstanding as the experience, and one that was large enough to accommodate our 'family'.  Our table is big, it is strong, and it is bold, just like those of us in recovery.

This is our family, and together we choose this life, and build it day by day.

KCR Sober Life

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Another incredible piece of our sober fellowship is, of course, FUN! We have an outstanding group of sober people from our local recovery community that volunteer their time to come together and take our residents to do fun stuff. Royals games, sober softball, volleyball, and whatever else we want to do. Again, we are building bonds every day with other sober people, seeing firsthand how amazing a life of recovery can be. There is nothing we can't do, together.

KCR Sober Fun

KCR Sober Fun

Kansas City is a growing, dynamic city full of fun, adventure, and culture. We have a community that is kind and nurturing, driven and vibrant. We are supportive, and together we recover.