Sessions typically run 60 minutes, and can be over the phone, face to face, via Skype or other internet based technologies.

In your first session we will dedicate time to asking and answering questions. You are welcome to ask questions about me, my background, my story, and we will explore what brought you to my office and what you’d like to work on.

When we decide a course of action we will briefly go over policies and procedures, then we will get to work!

Absolutely. Many coaches focus on a specific niche like business coaching, executive coaching, relationship coaching, etc… I am a Life Coach. I specialize in Life, Relationships, and Addiction issues. I do a lot of work with communication and relationships with individuals, couples, and families.
Life coaching is a modern approach that can encompass all the roles we play in life. We are spouses, parents, siblings, employees, students, and many other things every day. If one of those areas is affected, chances are that will carry over into other areas. As a coach, we can explore all of these life domains and figure out how to improve all around.

Coaching is less formal. It is a fun, proactive approach to life. As a team we focus on solutions rather than focusing on ‘problems’.

A coach is your personal coach who is able to apply focus to whatever area of life or issue you are struggling with. Approaching one area typically improves other areas at the same time.

Whether you are struggling with a major life decision, just got out of a long-term relationship and are starting over, want to be more assertive, have a desire to communicate better with your partner, co-workers, or family members, want to change your eating habits or exercise regimen, or you are ready to take your career to the next level; we can focus on any part of your life.

Our work together is always flexible and we can easily switch gears when needed.

Of course. There are many reasons people appreciate sessions by phone and some via internet.
Many of my clients travel for work and prefer the convenience of phone sessions, and some are busy with their professional and family lives and enjoy the ease of phone sessions when their schedules permit.

I allow flexibility in my scheduling to accommodate my clients busy lives, in person or over the phone.