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Red Flags & Dating!

March 22, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Angela Pugh Professional Coach

Back by popular demand!!

Many of us are single people, and we all know that dating can be a HUGE challenge!  Interestingly, most people struggle with the same handful of issues in dating and relationships- and many of the mistakes we make happen right at the beginning!

There are always ‘red flags’ that appear as we are getting to know someone new and spending time together. I think it is difficult sometimes to know which flags can turn into disaster and which flags aren’t such a big deal. The truth is, we all like different things and have different coping abilities so red flags don’t have the same importance to all of us. For example, I don’t have the ability to handle a person that is a ‘pot stirrer’ or ‘drama king/queen’. That personality does not fit well with mine so this is a huge red flag for me. However, another person may not see this as a big deal because they have a personality that can handle that behavior.

Let’s get together and talk about some common red flags that we see in the beginning and maybe ignore too frequently. Many of you will remember a few months ago when we did mind maps for ourselves, now we will do something similar for our dating lives!

I have to remember that in all of my failed relationships, the common denominator is ME– that means I have work to do on myself, it isn’t always the other person’s fault! Welcome to Master YOURSELF! Life is not about wishing everyone else would change or behave differently- this is about being the best version of ourselves so we can attract the best people for us!