Love Series – Love Bombing

How many of you have found yourselves in a whirlwind romance? I hear it so often, and I have certainly had my own experiences in my past.

A few years ago, an interesting term caught my eye, then was brought to […]

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Personal Reflection

Normally, this is a reflective time of year for people. Escaping the trials and tribulations of the past year, surviving the holiday insanity, and looking forward to the endeavors of this new year with hope and excitement.

Many know I am […]

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Holiday Challenges

Holidays are a stressful time of year, I think for everyone. We have stress of family issues, spending money, feeling the pressure to prove to everyone how much we’ve got it together, dealing with kids going in a million directions […]

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Out of Balance

Many of us struggle trying to find balance in our lives. There are so many hats to wear, places to be, things to do… it is hard to do it all. Recently, I have found myself out of balance.

Many of […]

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My mother and I have a new tradition we started the last few months. We like to sneak away in the afternoon and go to one of those fancy dine-in theaters where we sit in huge recliners, lay back, and […]

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Enabling is a topic I deal with frequently. Whether I am working with a family for an intervention, or just working toward getting healthy in general. This is also a behavior that is not exclusive to parent-child relationships, but often […]

Intervention in Kansas City

The thought of doing an intervention on someone you love can be daunting. It is not an easy decision to get to, and not an easy position to be in. The one thing to remember is an intervention comes from […]

Addiction Treatment Kansas City

Finding a treatment center is never an ‘easy’ task. In Kansas City, with very limited resources, it is more daunting than usual. I never recommend choosing a treatment center from a basic Google search without doing some research and knowing […]

Michael Phelps Addiction and Recovery

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe how cunning an baffling addiction is. Addicted people are usually very smart, charming, and funny people. And this disease is complicated, indiscriminate, and vicious.

Oftentimes, addicted people are very high performing people. […]

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Rebuilding Trust

Loss of trust in a relationship is devastating. Not only to the person who has been deceived, but oftentimes also to the person who did the deceiving.

Some common relationship slips that are often overlooked include issues like speaking or acting […]