Sober Living in Kansas City

These past weeks have been incredible, and a bit of a blur. As you know, I do a lot of work with people and families around addiction issues with coaching, intervention, and helping families find the right treatment center. I […]

Kansas City Life Coach- FAQs

How is a life coach different from a counselor?
Life Coaching is not counseling. Counseling can have a focus on issues that are based in your past or mental health related where coaching is an approach to moving forward creating the […]

What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Deal breakers are something I use a lot in my practice with clients working on different things. The term seems to get more attention when it is related to dating, but I use it for a lot of things just […]

How To Set Goals… and Achieve Them!

As a Professional Life Coach this is one of the BIGGEST issues I deal with. No matter what type of client I am working with, what their core issue is, what their lifestyle is like… everyone struggles with setting goals. […]

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I Did Everything I Was Supposed To Do…

As a coach, this is something I hear frequently:
I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I got my degree, I got a great job, I got married, and yet I feel empty and unhappy inside. I thought […]

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