Angela Pugh CRADC, KCPM, CCP, RC

Thank you for spending time on my website, I hope you are finding all the information you need! Because of my personal journey in recovery from alcoholism my passion is to help people create change in their lives, just as I’ve done in mine.

 My History                           

Ultimately, I am a Coach. I specialize in life, relationships, and addiction issues because these have been my struggles and my greatest transformation. Most of all, I am passionate about communication. I use my education, coupled with my experience, to help people better understand themselves and one another.

First, I was trained and certified as a Life Coach. I began working with my friends on goal setting, increasing self-help and motivation, and self-confidence. As I practiced my skills and continued to grow as a Life Coach, I knew I wanted to use that expertise to help other people who were struggling with alcohol and addiction. Finally, that passion led me to become a Professional Interventionist and start coaching people in addiction and recovery.

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Lastly, my education includes a specialized collegiate program in Addiction Counseling, training as a Board Registered Interventionist, Social Work program at the University of Kansas, as well as Life Coach Certification, Psychology studies and, finally, Recovery Coach Certification. In addition, I am a freelance writer on coaching, relationships, and addiction education, and a speaker and educator on the same topics.

To the right you see my boss, Henry. Henry is almost always at the office with me (and everywhere else for that matter) so  you will definitely meet him!

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