Finding a treatment center is never an ‘easy’ task. In Kansas City, with very limited resources, it is more daunting than usual. I never recommend choosing a treatment center from a basic Google search without doing some research and knowing what questions to ask.

First of all, many treatment centers that come up when you search for addiction treatment in Kansas City are NOT in KC. This is a marketing game that treatment centers pay big money for. They come up in the top search engine results no matter what you search for or what city you search in.

Secondly, treatment centers have their own language. Many sites recycle the same cookie cutter sales pitch that all the rest of them use. Of course, there is some truth to the cookie cutter lines. But how do you know if a facility actually follows through on what they promise?  Or how do you know how hard their counselors are willing to work for your loved one? Do they go above and beyond or are they doing the bare minimum? The only way to know this information is to have personal knowledge and experience.

Thirdly, every person does not fit in every treatment center. It is SO important to have a treatment center where your loved one will feel comfortable and fit in with the people around him/her. How would you feel if you were a 22 year old Heroin addict in a treatment center with 55 year old alcoholics? I feel like this is an imperative piece of the puzzle.

Picking a treatment center because it is close, or convenient, or because it is the only option you know of is not necessarily a good approach. There are thousands of treatment centers to choose from and many things to consider when choosing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be luxurious, it doesn’t have to feel like jail. But we can figure out the right fit for each person.

If you only get one chance at this, isn’t it important to provide the best opportunity possible?

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